Optim Research SARMs: Can These SARMs Help?

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Some prefer having liquid SARMs to take for their research for convenience. One of the companies that provide SARMs exclusively in liquid form is Optim Research. Let’s look into this vendor and see if Optim Research SARMs will be beneficial and helpful for enhanced performance.

What is Optim Research?

Optim Research is a company that provides pharmaceutical-grade compounds to those who are interested in doing individual research. It gained attention when an influencer shared the products on social media, and people soon got involved in trying the company out.

The company has an office address in Scottsdale, AZ. They have an email on the site, but the only way for you to get your email noticed is if you have a ProtonMail. The website may currently be still under construction. If you go to the Shop page, the major categories don’t have any photos in them. Although this may be a small thing, it questions the dedication that company owners have on their brand.

What you would appreciate is that when you go to the SARMs section, you’ll immediately see the bottle size and dosage of the SARMs you want to order.

Tell me about Optim Research SARMsmk-677 optim research sarms

Optim Research offers different compounds like research oils, other chemicals, as well as SARMs. Their research SARMs come in 30mL bottles and these are:

  • GW-501516 (Cardarine)
  • LGD-4033 (Ligandrol)
  • MK-677 (Ibutamoren/Nutrobal)
  • MK-2866 (Ostarine)
  • RAD-140 (Testolone)
  • SR-9009 (Stenabolic)

SR-9009 comes in a nasal spray form. Other SARMs come in tincture bottles that have graduated medicine droppers to help you dose your compounds accurately. Notice that you can’t get S-4, S-23, and YK-11.

How much will these SARMs cost me?

The cheapest SARMs that they have are GW-501516 ($69.99) and MK-2866 ($64.99). MK-677 can cost you $139.99. They’re pricey compared to Medals Research that has MK-2866 for $38.99, while Narrows Labs SARMs have GW-501516 for $30.99 in 20mg/30mL dosage.

Will I get discounts and coupons for Optim Research SARMs?

They don’t offer any discount coupons, but they do offer almost most of SARMs on sale as of October 2019.

What modes of payment do I have?

Paying for Optim Research SARMs can be done through Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram, and wire transfers.
You can also use several payment apps like Square Cash, VenMo, Google Wallet, and Zelle QuickPay for purchasing. There are instructions that you have to follow to get your order processed. The payment is simple, but if you’re the type of person who likes to kid around with paying, you’ll get delays in payment processing and you can get blacklisted.

How about shipping?otpim research sarms nasal spray

Completed orders are shipped 24-72 hours from their US-based distribution center. Processing can depend on your order volume and done during weekdays only. The site has no information on what courier service they utilize for delivery, and there’s nothing specified regarding international shipping.

Can I return my order?

Optim Research consider all sales as final. Should you get a defective or damaged order, you have 7 days upon receipt to file a return. The product must be in an unused condition, in its original packaging, and must have a receipt. Optim Research doesn’t entertain refunds.

How does Optim Research compare to others?

Unlike other SARMS vendors, Optim Research only has a select SARMs available in their store. This eliminates the convenience of buying all your needed SARMs in one place. If you look for information about the vendor, you’ll notice that you won’t see anything about them. Even SARMs venders that closed down like Enhanced Athlete and Tiger SARMs have some conversation going on about them in other forums.

Unlike Southern SARMs, Optim Research SARMs conduct 3rd-party lab testing for their compounds. They show the results on the website, and they can include the results in your order. However, due to the lack of reviews on and off the site as well as the limited shipping info, you may want to think twice. It would be better that you get your SARMs in other reputable vendors, especially if you’re new.

Because of the delicate nature of SARMs, the best way to ensure that you get the best product is to get one that has good reviews. Transparency is also important in terms of shipping to ensure that you get the order that you paid for. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about your SARMs and confirm its results from other researchers.