Nordic Fusion SARMs: There are Other Vendors

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How a vendor markets its SARMs tells something about how the company handles its customers and products. Nordic Fusion SARMs don’t have a market, but the owner did create a buzz on several forums. We took a closer look at the vendor and tried to see what happened to them.

What is Nordic Fusion Labs?

Nordic Fusion is a Canadian company that offered research compounds locally in Canada. According to their post in a SARMs forum, the company started in 2012. For three years, they’ve been serving Canada and tried serving the US market. However, for safety reasons for both the company and their clients, Nordic Fusion Labs decided to stay local and shelved deliveries to the US.

Just like DRS Labs SARMs, Nordic Fusion Labs decided to use unconventional ways to market their SARMs. They created accounts on different forums and created posts that promoted their products. It seems that they didn’t have a website to begin with and that all orders go through an email.

What were the Nordic Fusion SARMs available?

According to their posts, they have the following SARMs available.

They also have oral anabolics, ancillaries, sexual aids, injectables, peptides, as well as fat loss products.

For you to get your order, you need to contact them through their email. This raises red flags for some and they prefer to stay away from the person pushing the product. Others were brave enough to try out the SARMs as they’re on a quest to find that one reliable Canadian vendor. Some expressed their satisfaction with the company’s service and their products. However, these were shunned by others believing that these customers were paid to put a good word out on the products.

What most people are concerned about is that there’s no price list and that you need to contact the salesperson directly to do your order. The only payment mentioned was through  WU and nothing else.

Altlernatives to Nordic Fusion SARMs

Basing on the latest post in the company’s thread, Nordic Fusion changed their email address. No one is saying anything about where they were able to contact the seller, or if the SARMs are still in circulation. With so many red flags present, it’s best that you get your SARMs from other vendors.  If you’re looking for a Canadian vendor, there are some that you can check out.

SARMs Express offers pill-form SARMs packed in 30ct heat-sealable Ziploc bags. IF you buy in bulk, you get 10% off on your purchase. Payment can be a bit of a hassle since you’ll be paying through Direct e-transfer.

Another is Summit SARMs if you prefer liquid SARMs, although you won’t see any information about shipping policies. They’re also lacking S-4, though, and have a flat rate shipping fee of $30 for each order. They have had their products tested in a third-party US lab, although the COA that they feature is more than a year ago. It’s a near-perfect vendor since

Reliable local vendors can be a bit hard to find, but with a little effort, you’ll be able to find one that will match your research. Make sure to study the company well when you buy SARMs online so that you’ll get safe and reliable SARMs.