All Pro SARMs: Back for Good?

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Many SARMs vendors closed, and only a handful was able to get back up like Science.Bio. All Pro SARMs initially was closed but reopened its doors to sell SARMs once more. Will they stay for good? Let’s have a look into the SARMs vendor and see if they have what it takes to remain in the industry.

What is All Pro SARMs?

The company started in 2017, offering high-quality research chemicals in the US. There’s no information about the company aside from that. Previously it was rumored as closed, and now the website is up again.

What are the SARMs available?

You can get the following SARMs from the vendor:

The products are under a different name. For example. GW-501516 is labeled as CardaGEN516, and MK-2866 is labeled as OstaGEN2866.

Aside from the SARMs, All Pro SARMs also offer several peptides in liquid forms such as GHRP-2, IGF-1 LR3 , and PEG MGF.

How much will I pay for the SARMs?

The SARMs cost $70.00-$75.00. They’re affordable if you’ll look at Premier Research Essential SARMs, Androtech SARMs, and Immortal Labz SARMs.

They’re more expensive compared to Medals Research, Infinity Labs SARMs, and Mass Genetics SARMs.

How will I pay for my order?

You have several payment options to fulfill your order in All Pro SARMs. You can use VISA, MasterCard, and American Express for your purchase.

If you want to split your payments to 4 easy installments, you can also use Sezzle or Quadpay. Other payment methods include CashApp, Zelle, and Apple Cash.

What’s the shipping policy?

Orders above $200 get free shipping and are sent out through USPS with 1-3 day delivery. There’s no statement on the website about international orders, though. If you live in a different country such as Australia or UK, you might want to consider other vendors such as RPO SARMs or BioScience SARMs.

Are there any All Pro SARMs discounts?

All Pro SARMs is currently offering 25% off if you join their email list along with a notice about their possible website closure in relation to the SARMs Control Act of 2019.

Is All Pro SARMs legit?

There are several ways to confirm the legitimacy of a company. One is through reviews, which there seems to be none for All Pro SARMs. Some are asking in different SARMs forums, but no one is giving any feedback. Another is through third-party lab tests that provide objective proof that the SARMs are of the highest purity and authenticity. Unfortunately, there’s no statement about third-party tests for the compounds available on the site.

With those vital pieces of information lacking, there’s no way to confirm if All Pro SARMs is legit or not.

Is All Pro SARMs Closing Again?

Basing on the statement on the website, they seem to be preparing for what would come when the SARMs Control Act Bill gets approved. The bill proposes amendments to the controlled substances act to include SARMs as a Schedule III drug.

Should that happen, All Pro SARMs may be closing its doors once again. It would be best that you buy SARMs online from a vendor that has a concrete while the bill is still under scrutiny. This way, you’ll have a reliable source while you’re doing your research.