SR9009 Stenabolic is a REV-ERB agonist currently studied among other research chems SARMs.

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Each 30-milliliter bottle of this solution contains 600 milligrams of high-purity Sr-9009 per bottle. There is 20 milligrams of Sr-9009 per milliliter of solution.


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What is SR9009 Stenabolic

SR9009 Stenabolic is a REV-ERB agonist created in the efforts to study and know more about the circadian rhythm. This rhythm dictates our sleep-wake cycle. Other research also noted the SR9009 is also a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR).

When SR9009 enters the system, it binds to Rev-erbα protein, stimulating the action of the mitochondria. As a result, there’s an increase in metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Research studies and human trials

There are no human trials as of now involving SR9009 Stenaboli. Most clinical lab research conducted is on in vitro studies and on lab mice.

In vitro studies of SR9009 Stenabolic show the expression of genes that involve lipid and glucose metabolism. There was an increase in basal oxygen consumption and a resulting decrease in the production of fats, cholesterol, and bile acid in the liver.

In skeletal muscles, researchers observed an increase in mitochondrial content as well as oxidation of glucose and fatty acids. There was also a decrease in fat storage in white fat tissue. Although there was the production of new mitochondria in skeletal muscles, there was lesser destruction of old mitochondria.

A 7-day administration of SR9009 in lab mice gave a result of weight loss through fat mass reduction.

SR9009 Stenabolic Side Effects

Due to lack of proper human studies, long term effects of SR9009 are unknown. However, a 7-week study in lab mice did not result in liver toxicity.

Because of its effect in the circadian rhythm, professional researchers reported experiencing insomnia during testing. Researchers also did not report any form of suppression.

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