Strength: 300 mg per bottle | 10 mg / ml
LOT #: 200514RAD
Lab Results: 99.2%
Ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol, RAD-140


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RAD-140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that has the highest anabolic-androgenic activity ratio of 90:1. It’s almost as anabolic as testosterone but has a low binding affinity to androgens. It’s one of the stronger SARMs that is highly selective in targeting lean muscle and bone tissue, leaving your prostate untouched.

The compound was initially discovered in 2010, and currently still under development by Radius. This means the compound is still new, and clinical studies are still limited. RAD-140 is part of a study to help treat breast cancer as well as prevent muscle wasting in postmenopausal women.

Research studies and human trials

Since its discovery in 2010, there is still no human clinical research has been conducted with RAD-140 Testolone. Animal, in vivo, and in vitro investigations, however, showed promising results.

Studies conducted in monkeys show that RAD-140 is capable of stimulating muscle growth through the development of muscles and protein synthesis. There was a noted decrease in lipid levels and minimal liver enzyme increase.

In vivo testing of rat tissues from male rats exhibit neuroprotective abilities while sparing the prostate. This shows promise of the efficacy of RAD-140 in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.
In vivo and in vitro models of androgen receptor and estrogen receptor positive (AR/ER+) models, application of

RAD-140 inhibits multiple growths of breast cancer.

RAD-140 Testolone Side Effects

There’s not enough data to determine the efficacy and safety of RAD-140 Testolone for prolonged use and dosing. Most of the clinical tests done were in vivo and does not involve human studies. Based on the clinical trials conducted, RAD-140 does not show any side effects.

Anecdotal reports, however, do state that RAD-140 is suppressive, requiring PCT. Others also state increased blood pressure, nausea, and aggression. Shutdown is also reported by others, which may be dose-related.

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All our biotech SARMs are carefully scrutinized. Each batch of RAD-140 Testolone must pass a third-party analysis from a US lab for safety and authenticity. RAD-140 Testolone can be purchased legally in the United States, European Union, as well as parts of Asia, as long as you are buying SARMs for research and lab investigation. SelectSARMs compounds must not be labeled or used as a drug, pesticide or agricultural products, additives, or household chemical. Administering RAD-140 on humans and animals is prohibited by law. Highly qualified professionals and researchers are the only ones allowed to handle our liquid SARMs. RAD-140 is strictly for research purposes only. We highly advise that you research and know more about laws and legalities in your area thoroughly before finalizing your purchase of RAD-140.

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RAD-140 Testolone is a select androgen receptor modulator that is widely researched. It’s one of the popular research chems SARMs in the market.

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